btbook.jpg (18K)How this all got started (by Joanne babe):

In the third issue of the Marvel Bill and Ted comic book series, a letter was printed by Linda Kay, president of the official Bill and Ted fan club.  I (Joanne) was amazed.  A fan club for Bill and Ted?!  I knew the characters were popular, but.... a fan club???  Though shocked, I was also very pleased as I loved the Two Great Ones (and the actors who played them) so much myself, so I immediately wrote to Linda and joined the club.

Around the same time as this, I felt "inspired" to try my hand a writing a "fan fiction" story.  Having never written anything in my life outside what my school teachers had forced me to do, I wasn't very confident that what I cranked out was "good" per se, but nevertheless I gave it my best shot and "Tripping Forward, Looking Back" was the uneven result.  What I really wanted, though, was someone else to write some B & T stories for me to read, so without much real hope I wrote to Linda to ask if she knew of anyone who had done this.  Well, to my surprise and delight she replied that she herself had written one and sent me the wonderful "Following the Piper to Reason".  I sent her another of my efforts in return and before I knew it both a new hobby and a lasting friendship were born.

Most of these stories have never been "published" in any form as they were really done strictly for our own fun and entertainment.  Most of them are either humorous pieces or in the "hurt-comfort" vein.  None are "slash" or "adult".  All can be considered rated PG or lighter.

Write on!

If you have a Bill and Ted story you'd like to have placed on this page for other compadres to read, drop Linda a line!  She'll send you info on how to submit.

Party on!

By Linda Kay

  • It's A Most Excellent Life (110 K) When Ted feels he can't do anything right he begins to think it might have been better for everyone if he'd never been born, and with a time machine at his disposal he might just be able to bring this about unless Bill and Rufus can stop him in time!
  • A Hitch In Time (54 K) An insidious plot to destroy the Two Great Ones leaves Bill & Ted stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broken booth and the Circuits of Time leading to them damaged, and worst of all Ted is ill.  Can Rufus get to them in time?
  • Following the Piper to Reason (156 K) Bill & Ted take the Princess Babes back to medieval England to visit their grandmother, but their royal ugly father dude is not finished with them yet!  It's up to Bill & Ted to once again rescue the princesses . . . and the dudes may end up needing to be rescued themselves!
  • A Sometimes Senseless World (301 K) DeNomolos is back and more evil than ever!  He captures Ted and injects him with a most egregious chemical, which threatens the future of Wyld Stallyns and the harmonious future they bring about.  A serious and touching story about friendship and the strength to never give in.
  • To Serve Bill and Ted (51 K) Bill & Ted have gained world recognition, and then some!  When they catch the attention of some intergalactic visitors, they soon discover these aliens may want more than just their autographs!
  • Someone to Watch Over You (22 K) A touching story about Bill & Ted as children told through the viewpoint of Ted's mother, which shows even as kids their friendship was stronger than usual.
  • Worth A Thousand Words (20 K) When a young Ted is faced with the most difficult time of his life, Bill has to try to figure out how to be there for his friend.
  • Considering the Alternative (53 K) The future is a most egregious place under the rule of DeNomolos.  But when a young subordinate named Rufus starts to question events he is assigned to investigate, he realizes that perhaps there is something more than what he has been taught to believe.
  • Lights, Camera, Time to Take Action (59 K) Bill & Ted are supposed to make a film for history class depicting the driving in of the golden spike to connect the first intercontinental railroad, but when they decide to go back in time and just film the event happening they have to deal with their consciences.  Based on the animated series.
  • 'Tis the Season (to Be Excellent to Each Other (20 K) It's Christmas and a young Bill & Ted are having a less-than-merry holiday.  They find sometimes misery appreciates company in this pre-Excellent Adventure story.
  • Perpetually Prepared (191 K) Bill and Ted are sent to wilderness survival camp but their adventure takes a most unexpected turn and they find themselves surviving in a whole different set of circumstances.  A pre-Excellent Adventure story which features their one and only fight ever!
  • Sanctuary (15 K) - A short pre-Excellent Adventure story in which Bill deals with the impending divorce of his parents by hiding out in the only place he feels safe.

By Jo

By Day

Defining Moments Series:

By Lexi

  • Alternate - It's been one year since Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure and the dudes find themselves in another unexpected adventure . . . but will this one be excellent . . . or bogus?
  • Bill and Ted's Guide to Modern Parenting - Ever wondered how well Bill and Ted fared as dads?  Wonder no more!  This slice-of-life story shows just what excellent and outstanding parents the Two Great Ones really are . . . NOT!! 
  • The Chronicles of Ted and Bill - The adventures of Ted Preston and Bill Logan as they try to find themselves in a world where their fathers are practically gods.  The boys soon find themselves wrapped up in a evil plot to destroy Wyld Stallyns . . . can the boys save their parents band even if they will be forever overshadowed by it?
  • A Most Outstanding Sequel - Ted Preston and Bill Logan along with their band of merry rebels are back again to save the world from....themselves?  Clones, brainwashing and concerts; talk about a Most Outstanding Sequel!

By Lostgirl97

  • A Most Outstanding Journey - Bill and Ted are having problems in school . . . and even worse problems at home!  What happens when they try the unthinkable . . . doing their homework?
  • Young Friendships - When five-year-old Bill Preston moves into a new neighborhood he hopes to find a friend . . . some friendships are just meant to be!
  • Moving - Bill has heinous news for Ted . . . he's going to be moving to New York!  What will the dudes do to keep their friendship intact??

By Ty

  • Bill & Ted's Spiritual Journey - De Nomolos is angry after the Battle of the Bands and determined to kill the Two Great Ones once and for all . . . with the aid of his rebuilt Evil Robot Bill and Ted and the scary new Shadow Booth, will he succeed?
  • Bill & Ted's Heinous Expedition - Bill & Ted have been killed by a most evil Necromancer named Zion who has designs to take over all of Earth.  Can Bill & Ted escape from Hell again to save their friends, their loved ones and the world from a most heinous fate? 

By Sandy

  • A Hero? - Bill and Ted are looking forward to performing a Wyld Stallyns concert in the future but when Rufus' family is kidnapped and Bill is lost in the Circuits of Time Ted is left wondering if he'll ever see his best friend again!
  • Hope for the Future - A dramatic story in which Ted worries for his troubled friend and they find themselves taking a terrifying detour from a trip to Waterloo 12,000.  Will Bill & Ted survive this most serious turn of events?

By C.J.

  • Ted - Ted faces a few days in his life without Bill, who is off visiting Granny S. Preston, Esq.  How does he manage on his own?  Find out in this pre-Excellent Adventure story!
  • Bill - A companion story to "Ted," read about Bill's time on his own while visiting his most heinous Granny S. Preston, Esq.

By Julia

  • May I Introduce to You, Captain & Mrs. Logan by Julia - Bill, Ted, Joanna and Elizabeth attend the wedding of Missy and Ted's Dad, but the love being celebrated isn't the only love blooming at the reception! 
  • A Quick Way to Get Famous . . . NOT! - It's the day after the wedding of Missy and Ted's dad and Bill & Ted must figure out a way to have someone review their first music video, but first Ted catches Deacon in a lie!  Will his Dad believe him?
  • One of the Best Days Ever - Bill & Ted decide to time travel and end up in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2010 where they meet a most excellent babe named Julia!  What happens when they ask her to go time traveling with them?
  • A Non-Non-Heinous Valentine's Day Gift - Bill sets out to buy Joanna a gift for Valentine's Day.  But what if it just isn't quite good enough?  Can Ted help him find the perfect gift?
  • Escaping the Royal Ugly Dudes - At last, the story about how Rufus actually got the Princess Babes out of England just before they had to marry those royal ugly dudes!
  • My Day Away (Bill's Perspective) - Bill has to make a three day trip to Los Angeles to visit someone, but won't tell Ted who it is!  Who does Bill go to see and how will it go?
  • My Day Away (Ted's Perspective) - When Bill has to make a three day trip to Los Angeles to visit someone, but won't tell him who it is, Ted must find a way to spend those days so he won't be totally bored!
  • Never Meant to Be - Bill's mom comes to dinner and Bill finds out why she had to cut short their previous visit, but Bill's in for an even bigger surprise when his parents have an announcement to make!
  • A Totally Unexpected Result - It's time for the prom!  Bill & Ted attend with Joanna and Elizabeth, but they're in for a bit of a surprise during the course of the evening!
  • The New Kid - After the prom, Bill & Ted run into Kale from Tame Rainbows, but something about Kale strikes Bill & Ted as strange.  And then the Princess babes disappear from the mall!
  • A Most Triumphant Graduation - Bill and Ted are graduating from high school and reflect back on their memories plus their families on this most auspicious occasion.
  • A Totally Odd Spring Break - Bill and Ted are off on vacation with their family's for spring break . . . but will the vacations go smoothly?  Or will the dudes long to be back home with the Princess Babes?
  • The Meeting of Someone Special - So how exactly did Missy and Mr. Preston get together?  And what did happen when Ted asked Missy to the prom?
  • Flashback (Extended Version) - A very moving story told from the perspective of Captain Logan as he thinks back over the life of his oldest son.
  • One Thing I Will Say - A very sweet and charming letter which Elizabeth has written to Ted after Bogus Journey.
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn - Now completed!  The thorn in Ted "Theodore" Logan's side is his cousin Kimberly, who has just come to visit for a couple of weeks!  Will Ted be able to escape from his odious cousin?  Or will she accidentally drive a permanent wedge between Ted and his father?
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Kimberly's Perspective) - It's the same story as above, only from Kimberly's point of view!  What was she thinking during the course of events which threatened to drive Ted crazy?

By Others

  • A Most Excellent Adventure by Kaz - Ever wondered what would happen if Bill and Ted met the most excellent members of Gorillaz?  Wonder no more!!  This crossover story begins with Bill & Ted suddenly appearing at Kong.  What is happening and how will 2D, Murdoc, Noodle and Russel be of help? 
  • Babysitter Babe by Gina (Genie) - Babysitting can sometimes be a most heinous job but what happens when one gets to baby sit for a young Bill & Ted?  A most bodacious babysitter influences the Two Great Ones-to-be in ways she never could have imagined!
  • Lost in the Net by Nick W. - Bill wants to print out some guitar tabs from the Internet but a technical snafu leads our heroes to try to use the booth to repair Bill's computer . . . and they end up getting sucked in!  Part one now posted! 
  • Escape by stallyngurl12 - The princess babes are missing . . . the phone booth has disappeared . . . what heinous things are going on and who's behind it?  Bill and Ted have to find out before something totally bogus happens!
  • An Alternative Ending to Matrix Revolutions by Masakochan - What comes from dreams can sometimes become reality, even they may just be illusions.  But are they really just illusions?
  • A Most Excellent New Generation by Gary - It's 2010 and Bill and Ted's sons are late for school, hanging out at the Circle K . . . sound familiar?  But what does DeNomolos have planned for the offspring of the Two Great Ones?
  • Ted's Odyssey by Zack & Cody Beseda - With their history report passed successfully, Ted realizes he still has to go back in time to set up the jail break that enabled them to do so . . . and then he thinks of another past event he would like to change if he dare risk it: His mother's death.
  • Attack of the Clones (formerly One Stallyn Too Many) by ChloP - DeNomolos? son, Barry (to his friends), is out to finish what his father started.  With the help of a pair of clones, he plans on taking over the world.  I ask you, what is it with mad scientists and world domination?  And who are these leather-wearing, fast-talking, super-teens?  What?  They?ve been sent by who?!  Oh High Ones, this is gonna be a long, bumpy ride?.
  • Wyld Stallyns Forever by Zack Attack - Wyld Stallyns have split up because Bill & Ted decided to settle down with their families.  But the future is on shaky ground!  Can Wyld Stallyns be resurrected in time to save the future??

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