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Wishing everyone a most excellent Bill & Ted Day today!  We're making progress on the website overhaul at last and hope to have it up soon!

Alex Winter's new documentary, Deep Web, is available to purchase on iTunes!  

You can order all six copies of Boom! Studios' comic book series Bill & Ted's Most Triumphant Return!  Available in varient covers!

Check out the winners of the  WeLoveFine Bill & Ted's Most Non-Heinous Design Contest!  So many talented babes and dudes participated that it was hard to choose the winners, but you can now purchase t-shirts of the designs which came out on top!  Not bad!!

You can pre-order your copy of Boom! Studios' first issue of Bill & Ted's Most Triumphant Return comic book!  And there are several outstanding cover variants!  You'll totally want to collect them all!

Alex was a guest on the Kevin Pollack Chat Show and gave this very entertaining and informative interview!  Check it out!

The Princess Babes would like to wish everyone a most excellent Bill & Ted Day!  Not bad!!!!

Diane Franklin has made a guest appearance on The John Kerwin Show!  Check it out!

Movie Night Carlo has now posted their new podcast episode which is a tribute to Bill & Ted!  Includes segments from Tammy Turner, Linda Kay and a special guest!  Don't miss it!

Atop the 4th Wall has posted a very detailed and funny review of Bill & Ted's Excellent Comic Book issue #1.  Check it out!

Writer Hadley Freeman interviewed Alex Winter for a lovely retrospective piece about Excellent Adventure for The Guardian.  Not bad!

Here is video of a panel discussion Alex Winter participated in at this year's SXSW conference!  #WhatDrivesYou

Take a guided tour of Excellent Adventure courtesy of the outstanding personages at EmpireOnline.com and Alex Winter!

Alex Winter talks with AM FM Magazine about the premiere of Grand Piano at the Alamo Drafthouse.  Catch the film in theaters starting today!

So, what exactly DID happen to the historical figures after the final report? Here's Billy the Kid's sad story, compliments of the Nerdologues!

Seb Patrick has written a really outstanding look back at Bill & Ted for Den of Geek!  Not bad!

Check out this brand new, exciting interview with Princess Joanna, Diane Franklin, on the Retro LadyLand blog!  Most outstanding!

New on Buzzfeed, writer Jaime Joyce shared her story about working as an extra on Excellent Adventure.  The piece includes photos and a lot of great memories from life in the late 80's!

Our newest podcast episode has been posted and we were honored to welcome as our guest Kimberley Kates, who played Princess Elizabeth in Excellent Adventure.  Kimberley shared with us the real reason why she and Diane Franklin were not cast as the Princesses in Bogus Journey and also talked to us about her current career as a film producer!  Check it out!

You can now pre-order the 25th Anniversary Excellent Adventure Blu Ray steelbook edition from Amazon.co.uk (region 2 discs).

Alex Winter has directed a new kids' pilot which is available to view on Amazon Studio for free!  Watch #MakerShack and rate it today!

25 years ago today, Excellent Adventure was released on American movie screens!  Join us in celebrating by changing your social media avatars to The Two Great Ones!  Feel free to use any of the photos from our website or our ready-made icons!  #BillandTed25th

You can now pre-order the 25th Anniversary Excellent Adventure Blu Ray steelbook edition from Amazon.co.uk (region 2 discs).

Alex Winter has directed a new kids' pilot which is available to view on Amazon Studio for free!  Watch #MakerShack and rate it today!

A terrific new interview with Diane Franklin has been posted at Para-Fanatical's website!  Don't miss it!

Jane Wiedlin has just released a new single called Men, which is featured in the film she's co-starring in, Hidden Hills!  Check it out!

Catch Arturo Gil in the new Discovery Channel series Rods n' Wheels, every Monday at 9:00 p.m.


Chris Matheson's new book, The Story of God: A Biblical Comedy About Love (and Hate) is now available to purchase in hard cover and Kindle versions!  Hear Chris talk about the book on the latest episode of our podcast!


February 18, 2014

Wanna Go Home to Bill & Ted?

Or we should say, do you want to go to Bill & Ted's home?  That's what Ashley did when she visited the filming locations for both Bill & Ted's houses in Phoeniz, Arizona!  We list both addresses on our Excellent Adventure Filming Locations page, but we're always thrilled when fans send us pictures of their visits to these sites!

Here is Ashley outside of Bill's home with a comparison photo below (I'm still not sure about the exteriors on this house, but the interiors were definitely shot here):

And here is Ashley outside of Ted's home with a comparison photo below (it is more clearly recognizable, although there have been some changes to the facade here as well)

Our thanks to Ashley for sending us these great pictures!  Remember if you plan on visiting any of the Excellent Adventure filming locations, always be respectful of the homeowners and businesses there!  Party On!

January 8,

O-Cinema and Popcorn Nights Offer
an Excellent Adventure in Miami!

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure this year, Popcorn Nights and O-Cinema will be presenting a big screen presentation of the film at the Wynwood Theater in Miami, Florida on January 29th.  But that's not all!  With every ticket reserved online comes a free packet of original Bill & Ted movie trading cards!  Plus 80sTees and Harshness Prints will be providing giveaways!  It should prove to be a most resplendent evening, so if you're going to be in or around Miami at the end of this month, be sure to reserve a seat.  Tickets are extremely limited, so don't delay, get yours today!!

Click here to purchase tickets


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