Greetings, most excellent web surfers!  Since this page started up late in 1998, we've received an unprecedented amount of positive e-mail and feedback and we'd just like to thank everyone who has written!  However, to save you (and us!) a little time, we thought we'd compile a short list of the most often asked questions and our responses to them.  So, without any further ado . . . here they are!

  • What are Bill & Ted's full names?
    Bill S. Preston, Esquire and Ted "Theodore" Logan.

  • What is the name of their band?
    Wyld Stallyns.

  • What is the name of their school?
    San Dimas High School.  San Dimas is a real town in California located inland from Los Angeles (about 30 miles east from L.A.).

  • Do you know where I can get copies of Bill and Ted... (fill in the blank: movies, cartoons, comics, toys, merchandise)?
    We don't actively keep track of places selling Bill & Ted memorabilia, although there are a number of online companies which sell posters, t-shirts and other items.  Check our past merchandise page for information on what Bill & Ted memorabilia was created and then try using a search engine such as to find places that may sell such items.  Also auction sites such as often have various Bill & Ted merchandise for sale.  But sorry, we don't have any concrete information on where you can buy such items.  Or to buy current, licensed Bill & Ted items please visit our Convenience Store (sales from the store help support this website!)

  • Well, then, can you copy for me or sell me videos, magazines or comic books, etc.?
    Again, no.  (Sorry!!)  As much as we'd love to be able to provide this great stuff for all the B&T fans out there, we simply can't.  First, it's illegal - these are copyrighted characters and anything produced with them in or on it is also copyrighted.  This website is even licensed so we can legally provide you with pictures and information.  Secondly, even if we were legally allowed to do it we simply get far too many requests every week.  We don't have the time, money, or resources it would take to fill the demand.  We are endeavoring to gather more screen grabs and clips for your enjoyment, but this is as much as we can morally, legally, and physically do.

  • Speaking of the fan club, is it still in operation?
    The club disbanded in 1993 due to lack of time and even more due to the lack of new material being produced.  In fact, this is the main reason this page now exists!  A lot of what you can find here (like the cartoon overviews) originally appeared in the club newsletters!  The Internet has provided us with the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into the old material and open the way for a whole new audience of fans to enjoy it.

  • Will there ever be a third movie?
    As the old saying goes, "Where there's life, there's hope."  Rumors about a third movie have been pretty consistent since the release of Bogus Journey, and in 2010 the spark was really ignited with the online media jumping on a rumor that a third Bill & Ted film was finally in the works, seemingly confirmed in part by both Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter.  But Alex Winter himself is quick to point out that the ONLY fact behind this is that he and Keanu, as well as writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, have hit upon a possible idea for a third movie which they might all the be interested in and which the writers are now going to try to put into script form at some point.  But as promising as that sounds (and, indeed, it is the most viable of all the rumors which have circulated about a third movie in the past twenty years), we urge everyone to keep everything in perspective.  A *possible* script does not automatically mean a production deal, or that everyone will be available at the same time, or that the idea will even work out to everyone's liking.  We will remain realistically optimistic that eventually these four principles will be able to eventually see their way to creating a third movie, but only if and when they all agree it is both worth the effort and worthy of the characters.

  • I'd love to do a B&T page myself!  Where do you get your material?
    As mentioned above, a lot of our material comes from the original newsletters put out by the now disbanded Official Bill & Ted Fan Club.  Some good places to look these days are stores that sell old presskits and publicity photos, as well as old magazines.  Something to keep in mind is that the great majority of articles and interviews featuring both Alex and Keanu were from the same time period: Summer, 1991.  There never was a major press junket for Excellent Adventure, so anything pertaining to that movie is hard to find.  There was a large press junket for Bogus Journey and Alex and Keanu did a number of interviews, both alone and together, for it.  At the same time as this, Keanu was plugging Point Break which came out a week before Bogus Journey did, and Alex was plugging his MTV show The Idiot Box.  Feel free to refer to our Articles Archive to find out what magazines you might want to search for!
  • Can I use the photos from your site on my own website?
    While we love to see websites for Bill & Ted spring up around the Internet we do ask that other sites respect and honor our site by not copying huge amounts of material to simply repost on their site.  First of all it's not very creative or original and second of all we have spent a lot of time creating these pages for fans to enjoy and we take great care not borrow anything from anyone else's site (all of these items come from our own collections).  However, we DO want you to use the photos on this site for your own personal use and we don't mind if you use SOME of the photos from our site on yours . . . but we appreciate it if you at least give us credit and a link to our site when you do so.  If you want more than just a few photos for some special project, please e-mail us and we'll see if we can help you out.
  • My site (or club) is very large and popular.  Would you be interested in placing a banner ad for our site (or club) on your front page in exchange for a link back to your site on ours?
    Sorry, but we've paid the money for banner-free space and it's going to stay banner free space! *g*  We'd be happy to trade links, though!

  • I run a cartoon site and was wondering if you would mind us using your cartoon section as a resource for the Bill & Ted cartoon section on our site?
    We're delighted to help you with your research!  All we ask is that you do not copy our graphics or our text verbatim to your site - and if you do use us for info, a little credit would be nice. *g*  If you need an original screen shot from the cartoon series for your toon site, drop us a line and we will gladly work out a fair exchange with you.  However, we cannot provide you with video tapes of the show.  Sorry!

  • What song were they playing in Excellent Adventure when the dudes were visiting the future in their phone booth?  The one where Bill says, "They sure do play excellent music"?
    This is by far the song we get asked about the most!  It's called In Time and is by Robbie Robb!  A full list of the soundtrack titles, artists, and lyrics can be found in the Musical Symposium on this site.  In the meantime you can find - and buy - both soundtracks at and either new or used.

  • What about the one in the mall that starts with the cool solo played by Beethoven?
    That one is Play With Me by Extreme, and the solo is actually in the middle of the song.  We have a new music section on this site where you can now check to see which songs are which for yourself!  Go to our Musical Symposium and choose one of the two Bill and Ted movies.  The individual song descriptions list where in the movie the song appears and there are also brief MP3 segments from ALL the songs so you can hear for yourself which one you're thinking of!  Not bad!!

  • I love the opening guitar segment for God Gave Rock and Roll to You II from Bogus Journey, but it's not on the soundtrack album.  Who performs it and can I find a copy of this for sale?
    That opening riff and much of the guitar music for Bogus Journey (including the Reaper Rap) was provided by guitar legend Steve Vai.  The good news is there's an 2002 album of Steve Vai music which includes several tracks from the Bogus Journey soundtrack, including the one which introduced KISS' version of God Gave Rock and Roll to You II!  The album is called Steve Vai: Elusive Light and Sound 1 and is available for sale through the online CD stores we list above!  Thanks to BeN for alerting us to this great album!

  • Can you send me complete MP3's of the soundtrack, or tell me where I can find them?
    Sorry, no, we can't send you complete copies of the songs or post them.  But you can buy them inexpensively from the above mentioned online CD stores.  Sorry, but we don't have any information about illegal downloads or torrents.  We respect the copyrights of artists and encourage fans to support them as well by buying their music from legitimate and reputable sources.

  • What kind of guitars does Rufus give Bill and Ted at the end of Excellent Adventure?
    We heard from a fan named Chris who found out that those guitars are very similar to the ones used by Eddie Van Halen and are, in fact, Steinbergers, most likely custom versions of the GP (which is the model that seems to come in the V shape.)  You can find out more information about these and other guitars by visiting, much more than we could ever tell you on this site!

  • I would like to make a Bill or Ted costume for Halloween.  Where can I find the right clothes?
    We get a lot of requests for information on how to make Bill and Ted costumes, so we have put together a How To section for the site which includes a complete guide on how to make Bill and Ted costumes for both movies!  We also have a Fans Costume Gallery with lots of great photos of fans dressed as Bill & Ted to inspire you!

  • Where can I find the two B&T movies for sale?
    Outstandingly, both Excellent Adventure and Bogus Journey are currently available for sale on DVD, and there is now also a box set of both movies plus an outstanding third disc of extras available!   Check your local video retailer for copies.  For more information on the original DVD releases, click here and for info on the box set click here.   Both movies were previously released on video and laserdisc, and a quick search of online stores specializing in used or discontinued movie titles, or even a visit to eBay, might help you locate copies of these older releases.

That's it!  If you have any questions for us, please feel free to drop us a line!