Biography from 1989 Excellent Adventure Press Kit

After earning a master of fine arts degree from Brandeis University, Loomis attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, then toured with the national companies of "1776," "The Merry Widow," "The Sound of Music" and "Uncle Vanya."  His screen credits include "Body Double," "Beastmaster" and "Man on a Swing."  His many television appearances include roles on "Dynasty," "Matt Houston," "General Hospital" and "The Young and the Restless."

Updated Biography

Since his appearance in Excellent Adventure, Rod Loomis has made only a few television appearances on shows such as The Bold and the Beautiful, 7th Heaven and performed in the PBS TV movie The Song of the Lark.  He also appeared in a 2006 episode of Stargate: SG-1.

As one of our visitors, Anthony Lopez, explained on his Fans Gallery Page, Rod Loomis made an appearance at the Greater Jacksonville Church of Religious Science and sang for the congregation in May 2000.  It appears he is now employed as an ordained minister.

We found a couple of references to Rod Loomis performing on stage in recent years.  One mentioned he performed in King Lear at Southern Illinois University Carbondale (we could not ascertain when this took place) and another source indicates he may be connected with the Sacramento Theater Company, performing in a play called Benched in 2001.  We also found a mention of a performance by Rod Loomis at the Delta King Riverboat Theatre in Sacramento around this same time.  More recently he is listed as having directed a stage production of Criminal Minds for the River Stage in Sacramento for their 2006 - 2007 season.

In 2010, Rod Loomis appeared in the documentary The Singularity is Near.

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