Biography from 1991 Bogus Journey Press Kit

PETER HEWITT (director) attended the prestigious National Film School, of which producer David Puttnam is chairman, in his native England. His graduate 30-minute film, "The Candy Show," won Britainís equivalent of the Academy Award in 1989 for best short film.

The attention from "The Candy Show" brought Hewitt to Los Angeles last year and helped land him the job of directing "Bill & Tedís Bogus Journey" over 50 other directors. "The Candy Show" has since been purchased by Nelson Films and will be expanded by Hewitt to feature length.

Hewitt has also worked for Limelight Films, a music video and commercial company, directing music videos for such artists as Information Society.

"Bill & Tedís Bogus Journey" marks his debut as a feature film director.

Updated Biography

Since Bogus Journey, Peter Hewitt has directed the films Tom and Huck, The Borrowers (which featured a cameo by Alex Winter), Whatever Happened to Harold Smith?, Thunderpants, Garfield and Zoom.

He was also the writer and producer of the movie Thunderbirds which is based on the British Gerry Anderson marionette series popular in the 1960's.  He co-wrote the film I Want Candy which was released in 2007.  And in 2009, Peter Hewitt directed the film The Maiden Heist.  He is currently directing the TV movie Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark.

Last updated: 4/6/12

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